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World Cancer Day at Alliance Hospital Abuja

Alliance Hospital commemorates World Cancer Day on February 4th with theme Closing the care gap join this campaign to call everyone collectively and individually to commit to strengthen actions aimed to reduce the impact of cancer.

  • Feb 04, 2022

The Management of Alliance Hospital Abuja today rewarded one of her Staff for his excellence and hard work.

Nurse Emmanuel from our nursing department is presented a fat cheque by the MD Alliance Hospital Abuja, in recognition and commendation for his efforts and for making impact. Congratulations Nurse Emanuel. We celebrate you.

  • Nov 24, 2021

World Humantarian Day

World humanitarian day is a day set aside globally to celebrate the humanitarian efforts of individuals.
This year's commemoration is special to us at Alliance hospital, as we celebrate our esteemed Managing Director's global recognition award for his humanitarian efforts by UNESC.
Sir, as our leader, your personality has beautifully framed our organizational culture to humane and empathetic.
The Alliance Hospital team come to the Job every day not with the mindset of earning another day's wage but rather with the resolve to touch lives. This structures the services we render.

Thanks you so much Sir, we celebrate you

  • Aug 19, 2021

World Humantarian Day

May 8 is a day set aside to raise awareness on Ovarian cancer. From all of us Alliancehospital Abuja​  We are lending our voices to course of fighting ovarian cancer, we are touched by the gallantry of our beloved patients fighting for their lives. they motivate us to continue tirelessly in advancing the course of women health.

Join us at this year's Ovarian cancer awareness event:

  • May 8, 2021

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day, 2021 (Living well with Kidney Disease) The world Kidney Day Steering Committee has declared 2021 the year of ‘Living Well with Kidney Disease’. This declaration is borne out of a desire to increase awareness and education about effective symptoms management and patient empowerment, with the ultimate goal of encouraging life participation. While effective measures to prevent kidney disease is important, patients with kidney disease and their caregiver should feel supported, especially during the pandemic and other challenging periods, by the concerted effort of kidney care community.

  • Nov 01, 2021

Recognition of a worthy team player

Today Alliance Hospital recognized one of Her worthy team player in the person of Nurse Ohakwe Juliet (RCTN), as she is leaving the hospital to relocate on marital ground.
Her support in Alliance Hospital's Kidney Transplant Programme is immense and highly commendable.

  • Jan 03, 2020